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Hi, welcome to the Notifications if poor internet connectivity testing family

This app notifies you when there is no internet connection for a long time. The application has a minimalistic design and universal algorithms for determining the presence of an Internet connection. Ideal for use with smartwatches to receive notifications. How does it work. The application holds the connection and checks it. As soon as the Internet connection is unavailable for a long time, the application will automatically notify you of the detected problem. The app does not immediately notify you of a lost connection. A warning appears when several tests of the Internet connection fail. The check time is calculated automatically. ⚠ For the app to work correctly: allow autostart, notifications, work in the background, disable battery optimization in the system settings . ⚠ The app may run with errors (or not work) as some device manufacturers cheekily kill apps in the background. We recommend you to read:

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